About Us

As the world has grown in its complexities, the challenge of connecting the source to the bearer has grown in leaps and bounds. We, at Orchid Shipping understand that the capability of connecting people proficiently is very essential to optimise the supply chain and enhance the growth of industry and trade. And the preference for efficiency is a pleasant yet recent development. Hence Orchid Shipping extends a professional hand to you, promising efficiency and precision in every aspect of trade and transportation through land, sea and air.

To meet the specific needs of each of our customers, the solutions we offer are multifaceted in nature. In addition, to facilitate safe delivery, Orchid Shipping, in collaboration with our domestic and international forwarding partners, streamlines the product transport flow by enhancing the logistics required in product manufacturing processes and distribution. Innovation is the buzzword in our organization when it comes to serving our customers and we keep on exploring smart ways of maintaining cost efficiency by combining different modes of transportation without compromising on the quality in terms of speed, capacity and environmental aspects.